The Lamastus' Estates






Quality Assurance


Wilford Lamastus, owner, makes sure the quality of its coffee is the best


The Lamastus Family Estates have a quality assurance program unsurpassed: from seed to cup.

Every single batch/daily production of coffee is cupped several times until is shipped.

Seventy one-years old Thatcher (next to its mother in the picture) is the most knowledgeable processor of coffee in Panama. He has been growing, processing and exporting coffee all of his life.

Wilford is in charge of quality and manages the estates operations. He cups the coffee several times daily.

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Robert Louis Lamastus Drying screen (Bastidor).  This type of drying 
is the way coffee was dryed in the past. Elida Lamastus the wife of 
Robert Louis Lamastus. Cans used to transport the coffee from the 
washing canal to the drying screens. Structure to stow away the coffee 
during the drying process. The Coffee Plants, Elida Estate in 1930 Coffee beans drying Thatcher Lamastus the current owner o Elida Estate. Wooden box for dried coffee transportation